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Summer Galvez

But you can call me, "Summer G".

I love creating art and solving problems. Apparently, duality is a Gemini thing. It was when we moved from Los Angeles to Dallas when I was in the first grade that my love for drawing and entrepreneurial spirit first collided. The following school year, I started my playground hustle of drawing 'bubble letters' on my classmates' book covers for $1 per illustration. From there, my ambitions and creativity soared. In high school during the dawn of the world wide web, I discovered the ability to create personal web pages using HTML. Oh what a time! My intrigue for web design and coding took off dispite the connectivity pains of dial-up modems, but I forged ahead. During my matriculation at Clark Atlanta University as a Business Administration major with a concentration in Marketing, I befriended Bad Boy recording artist, Mason “Ma$e” Betha, and shortly thereafter helped him launch S.A.N.E., his first Christian ministry. All of those experiences and skills set the tone and raised the bar for me professionally at a young age. In 2008, I was blessed to launch my own boutique design and marketing agency, PREnt Media (Public Relations, Entertainment & Media). Through PREnt Media, I have launched and held leadership roles in several creative ventures and organizations in the areas of sports marketing and entertainment, hospitality, technology and innovation, and served the not-for-profit sector.

'Creatively analytical go-getter' best describes my personality. I'm very passionate about all things marketing and design, and I prefer a holistic marketing approach. From graphic design to analytics, public relations to communications, I love each and every piece of the marketing puzzle. My clients have come to expect the highest degree of consistency in branding, perfection in presentation and reliable usability. Exceeding their expectations is always the goal and their continued referrals are the icing on my creative cake.


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